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....... the ROCK n ROLL equivalent of LA LEGION! These WHITE COAST REBELS are an international rabble of ROCK WAIFS, PUNK STRAYS & METAL MISFITS!
This ROCK/METAL band based on the Costa Blanca (White Coast) - SPAIN. They were Forged together by their love of that 'HORNS IN THE AIR' HEAVY METAL GRIND & those 'STADIUM ROCK ANTHEMS' we all sing along to on those hot summer nights.
Remember when "Ricky was a young boy" & "Tommy used to work on the docks"?
Well reach for your lighters because here we are THE GENERATION NEXT of ROCK n ROLL!


So Far....in short....WCR appeared on the award winning BENIDORM Series 4 on ITV in the UK, which has helped to secure WCR as the busiest and most popular band on the WHITE COAST of Spain (Costa Blanca). One of the advantages of playing in this area means that not only is there a solid fan base in Spain, but also in other countries such as the UK, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe and not forgetting The Americas, as the Band play to tourists from all over the world.

In 2013 made the break, released an album and toured the UK extensively supporting such acts as BLAZE BAYLEY (ex Iron Maiden front man) and US Hair Metal Rockers Enuff Z Nuff. By the end of the year WCR were playing venues like the CAMDEN UNDERWORLD and the word was spreading.

WCR is unlike most, they’re busy – very busy. During the summer the band can be playing up to 4 gigs a day in the clubs & bars of Benidorm – in fact they’re one of the few Full Bands that do this even in Benidrom.


2011-2012 Flew by, it was a busy time for WCR playing up to 4 shows a day from May - November.

WCR are probably the hardest working band you’ll ever meet, this however meant there was little time for recording, but in early 2012 Songs were written, demo’d, re-written, played live and then honed and the result is in May 2012 the band start to record their debut album - “Hangin' with the Bad Boys!” The album was finished by January 2013 and was then sent to FIREWORKS STUDIOS in Valencia for post production, mixing and mastering.

The Album was released in July 2013 although official launches are due at the end of the summer period, this was to allow time for the industry to receive invites and also get the festival season out of the way.


Steve Xanthis - BeRock Radio: 9.0/10 "This album is a great start for White Coast Rebels and they made a big step for a bright future!"

DUMHRadio Spain voted the album “Hangin' with the Bad Boys” number 2 in the Spanish Top 10 albums of 2013.

Planetmosh: A very good album, well worth listening to 8/10



WHITE COAST REBELS provide the sound track to the final and chaotic episode of this seasons award winning hit TV show BENIDORM! The title track of thier newly released album "Hangin' with the Bad Boys" will be played, unleashing the WHITE COAST REBELS brand of Anarchic yet Melodic Hair Metal into a over 7 million homes around the UK. The band have appeared on the show before but have said that they're "Delighted" and "Chuffed" to have one of thier own songs playing on the season finale due to be aired on Thursday 13th february 2014.

2014 TOUR

This year is looking very promising as WCR prepare to tour the UK again in March and April, then a full European tour in May and June followed by some festival dates through the summer.


On Lead Vox & Lead Geetar! is JONNY HELLRAIZER! Jon has played all around the world and enjoyed a successful career playing with bands such as Los Paraliticos (WURZEL from MOTORHEAD) the Uk Subs & X-Ray Spex to Grindcore bands such as Labrat & Axis of Evil. He’s toured with everyone from THE DAMNED to NAPALM DEATH! He’s now returning to his first love CHEESY ROCK/METAL!

On Bass Geetar & Backin’ Vox is new arrival JIMBO JETT. WCR first met Jimbo whilst on their first UK Tour in early 2013 and supported THE BLAZE BAYLEY BAND for whom Jim was playing. After a post tour band split Jim filled in as a dep bassist for a few tours and in January 2014 officially joined the band full time.

ROB “El Lobo” WOLF, who joined the band in November 2011 after Johnny Chunders (from Punk Legends SPLODGENESSA BOUNDS) had to return to London and his longevity in the band has made him part of the integral back bone to what is WHITE COAST REBELS today. Rob is a native Spaniard and has toured Europe & had a successful career playing in Death & Black Metal bands. He is a true trooper and played his first show after just 4 days of being in the band.

Last but not least beating the skins and keeping the band all in time is drummer Stefan “THE VIKING” Bylund from Sweden. He joined in June 2013. Stefan has had a career playing drums that spans more than 2 decades. Although a new arrival, he’s done so much for the band as well as giving them a new flair.